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Does your company need to meet urgent deadlines or an extra hand with your Data Capture, Data Collection, Data entry, Writing of business plans, Company profile or Writing a proposal? Look no further... we are here to help you capture data faster! Outsource your work to us and we guarantee that we will deliver quality work accurately and efficiently.

DATA-TAC is a professional back office data processing services Provider Company located in Mumbai, India. Founded in 2015, DATA-TAC is the preeminent supplier of back office administrative services. Including online and offline date entry services, data processing, web and data research and scanning services, bookkeeping, accounting data entry, and comprehensive accounting services. The DATA-TAC team can address your immediate project needs or provide ongoing back office support services for your team

Our mission is to provide the Best Back Office Solutions available in the market today. You will not find another service provider that is more flexible or responsive! Our services are efficient, affordable and swift. Our vision is to maintain 100%accuracy, and deliver every project on time and within the budget parameters of the project. Our goal is to support the client with all back office technology task and to accurately and effectively complete these projects.

Our dedicated services enable the client administrative; accounting, technology and support teams to focus on other activities and perform critical path tasks, while at the same time, the organization can complete important back office tasks and achieve its goals. We provide affordable, cost-effective support and services across all time zones. We are working, even when your team is away from the office!

Customer Service is our number one priority, no project is complete until our client is pleased and satisfied. DATA-TAC takes pride in saying that “we have built long-term client relationships and nurtured their organizations by providing quality services at very affordable prices”.