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    Images to DOC Conversion

    Converting data from one specific format to another format is called data conversion. These services required the use of computers to convert data files. We have expertise in all types of doc and data conversion from a variety of formats to Word document format. High volume HTML to PDF, any format to image, OCR, HTML to XML conversion, RTF to PDF conversion, PNM, PBM, PNG to PDF conversion, XML to Word conversion, eBook conversion services, and many more. Using leading-edge technologies and skilled expertise, we can also convert your unstructured data into a variety of useful digital formats. We capture data from all types of handwritten forms accurately, rapidly and cost-effectively, converting it into a powerful management resource.

    At Data Entry India, we can transform your paper based documents, electronic documents [MS Word (doc) files, html files,. files] or image files (till, tiff or jpeg) into easy-to-use, accessible and searchable PDF files in a convenient, inexpensive & most efficient manner.

    We easily convert your Documents to the following formats
    • 1. Acrobat PDF to MS Word with advanced formatting
    • 2. Adobe Acrobat PDF to MS-Access
    • 3. Adobe Acrobat PDF to MS Excel
    • 4. Adobe Acrobat PDF to XML
    • 5. Adobe Acrobat PDF to FrontPage (HTML)
    • 6. Adobe Acrobat PDF to MS-Perfect