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    Image data entry

    Image data Entry is the conversion of scanned images into required data formats. This is a tedious and a time consuming process, especially if you have a number of images to be converted to different types of data formats. It is easier to handle and manage digital data, as opposed to hard copies; also, hard copies can easily undergo damage, which is why the image data entry is growing in popularity. An image entry service will scan and convert your images, which may include maps, hand drawn statistics/ pictures, signatures or even hard copy photographs, to the required format. The image entry service will also help you catalog this data efficiently.

    The benefits of employing image data entry services
    • 1. Quality assurance
    • 2. Saves time
    • 3. Cost effective
    • 4. Reduces errors
    • 5. Access to expert professional services
    • 6. Use of advanced technologies

    What can you expect from a typical image data entry?
    • • They convert entire books into digital formats, this helps professionals to restore and save damaged rare books for easy access.
    • • Hand written documents are converted to electronic data in a format as requested by the client.
    • • Images are scanned to a high quality and small size without the apparent loss in quality.
    • • Legal document entries are converted to a daily basis for easy access.