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    Invoices and Billing Data Entry Services

    Outsource the invoice and billing data entry services to get rid of the tedious data entry work and keep the concentration on the core business, you can rely on a trusted data entry service provider to outsource your invoice and billing data entry projects. This will keep you managing the core work operations. Outsource the excess data entry work at affordable pricing to save up on money and effort of the important team force is a genius solution for your business.

    The invoice and billing data entry involves the collection of data from the sales and purchase department and creating a database for the same to keep track records and generate the financial statistics of the business. Outsourcing the invoice processing will give you the quality services at lower prices and leads to the savings on efforts and costs. The core competence is important for any business and that gives rise to the outsourcing of invoice and bills processing services being essential. Thus to find a reliable and trusted data entry service provider is a keen task.

    Invoice Processing Services at DATA-TAC
    • 1. Entering of each transaction
    • 2. Verifying handling and cashing
    • 3. Generating receipts of e-invoices
    • 4. Check data for the correct code, value etc.
    • 5. Collecting the data from the line items
    • 6. Generating PO receipts of supplier invoices
    • 7. Scanning paper invoices
    • 8. Verifying purchase orders to invoices