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Necessity of outsourcing data entry services is increasing day by day and there are very few companies in the market who provide reliable & error free quality services.


100% Guaranteed On time delivery.We understand short cycle times are crucial for your success.


With our multiple pricing strutures, we offer competitive prices to match your specific need. We provide per task as well as full-time equivalent rates.


Provide advance project management with our 24/7 support along with daily status updates.You will always have an open line of communication with your DATA-TAC manager.


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Our Popular Services

Data Entry Services

We at “DATA-TAC” value our customers & have the expertise of handling data and projects of various volumes. For this, we have a dedicated team of professionals proficient in this field of work. We realize the need of accurate data and the emphasis of the same on decision making for any business & have access to in-house software that helps in the conversion of data.

  • • Offline & Online Data Entry Services
  • If you are wondering how to handle large data without overloading your company’s staff with back office work then outsourcing might be the right solution for you. Outsourcing your online and offline data services to DATA-TAC will only aid productivity

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  • • E-Commerce Data Entry Services
  • Almost all businesses these days have their own website. It is one the most effective tools by which a business interacts with its customers, employees and investors. Beyond the said, your website reflects the message of your brand.

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  • • Invoices and Billing Data Entry Services
  • Outsource the invoice and billing data entry services to get rid of the tedious data entry work and keep the concentration on the core business, you can rely on a trusted data entry service provider to outsource your invoice and billing data entry projects.

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  • • Image data entry
  • Image data Entry is the conversion of scanned images into required data formats. This is a tedious and a time consuming process, especially if you have a number of images to be converted to different types of data formats.

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Conversion Services

We digitized data. We understand data arrangement, especially when you need to sort out the complex data for various purposes such as research, analytics and keeping a track of your company’s data , after all data is the veins of your business functions. We help companies of different sizes to convert any amount of data from any kind of format to a digital format.

  • • Data Conversion Services
  • Data conversion is one of the areas in the field of data entry that is emerging as a High-growth service. Outsourcing of data conversion services is a priority for many global majors.

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  • • PDF Conversion Service
  • One of the most common requirements of most organizations, you will realize, is converting a document to PDF and vice versa. The companies usually prefer outsourcing their file conversion services as they feel that doing so is far more economical than having to convert the documents in-house.

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  • • E-Book Conversion Services
  • EBook conversion services of DATA-TAC involves conversion of books, magazines, journals or any other input files into eBooks, digital magazines and e-Pubs in device centric formats.

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