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    E-Book conversion services

    EBook conversion services of DATA-TAC involves conversion of books, magazines, journals or any other input files into eBooks, digital magazines and e-Pubs in device centric formats.

    We specially design eBooks comprising of
    1. Text
    2. Images
    3. Illustration
    4. Flowcharts
    5. Tables
    6. Graphs, etc., to comply with your chosen E-book readers like Amazon's Kindle, Kindle paper white, kindle fire, Nook, Kobo, iPod, etc.

    Our highly skilled and proficient team of eBook conversion eases the process of converting your provided source file into eBook of any desired format. We are so competent to manage any number of pages well before your scheduled time frame. Besides, we are able to generate e-Book with distinguished quality to comply with your preferred eBook reader.

    After examining few of your sample pages, we estimate the minimal price range that benefits you. Meanwhile you will get the worked sample output along with eBook conversion quote. In this regard, we compete with other offshore eBook conversion services companies by offering minimal prices with extreme quality.