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    How can you make your word documents look not only good but great? Well, the answer is simple. Outsource your word formatting services to DATA-TAC. Company has dedicated resources that can provide word formatting help. They are professional people who possess the required expertise.

    DATA-TAC can totally change the formatting as well as the layout of existing Word documents and make it look really appealing. In fact the document formatting services offered by the organization can take out all formatting of the existing document and apply customized styles to a large number of documents. DATA-TAC also has professionals who can are adept at designing presentations, e-books, proposals and other similar things with the help of MS Word.

    • You save a lot of time. You can utilize the time saved in your core competencies
    • You get a customized word template designed based on your specific needs
    • You can take advantage of professional expertise without having to own it
    • You can be rest assured that your confidentiality will be intact
    • The cost is much less in the long run

    • • DATA-TAC offers its word CONVERSION services at a competitive price.
    • • The people on their rolls are extremely qualified and experts in their respective domain
    • • DATA-TAC is known for its quality. It never compromises on that aspect